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Warm holiday wishes!

Noble, Balsam or Fraser fir -- what's the difference? Or should you just get a fake tree?

Do you have a new hardiness zone?

🎁 Best Gardening Holiday Gifts to Give in 2023

Leaving the leaves, help for a bloom-less plant, and a crucial weekly chore to tackle

We're back on Standard Time, and I for one am not happy

A garden of verses

When NOT to prune

20 fascinating, little-known gardening facts

Poetry contest, giveaway and Q&A with editor Tess Taylor about her new book, "Leaning Toward Light"

A new (to me) cricket is making itself at home

Perfect pesto

Your wacky vegetables, and help for a disappointing crape myrtle

How to freeze and dry herbs

The truth about the spotted lanternfly

Preserving tomatoes the easy way

How to divide a sedum, and the health benefits of gardening -- with scientific evidence

No-dig gardening, sheet mulching with Janice Groves of @JaysGardenJournal

Reconsidering plant choices amid climate change, how to address flooded gardens

Three things I couldn't garden without, and an easy way to save your plants from pests and diseases

25 handpicked Prime Day Gardening deals

It's mid-season bloom day!

Why do hydrangeas change color?

How to help stressed perennials (whether it's your fault or not)

A sure-fire way to prolong berries

How to nurture your plants after a wildfire event

Should you use Epsom salts or vinegar in the garden?

How to have a mosquito-free summer

New plant introductions and 2024 garden trials

How to save a pot-bound plant from girdled roots

Giveaway time! Plus No-Mow May feedback

No-Mow May or no way?

How to make plants for free

How to grow blueberries

Which gift plants will grow in the garden?

How to keep your seedlings healthy

How to keep your seedlings healthy

Technical difficulties, please stand by

Spring chores? Not so fast!

Catching up! Plus, a companion planting video