Glad you cleared up facts about lanternfly. Wish it were true that they only attacked the Tree of Heaven, which is surely misnamed. Quick question: do you only want photos of the garden as it is now? I have a beautiful photo of my crabapple tree in spring which I would love to share. Let me know. And thanks. Great column.

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Hi Jess,

I hope you and the girls are doing well?

I've been interested in finding out more about the lanternfly. Thank you so much for the information. It's very informative and educating.

When they start to appear it seems that they are abundant.

Love the Weekly Dirt!

Thank for the info.


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Sep 3Liked by Jessica Damiano

Hi Jessica,

I just read your article on lanternflys. I knew nothing of them, until last week, when I was on my deck and one flew on me. I jumped and I knocked it off. It landed on the floor of deck. I took a picture of it because I had never see it before. I sent a picture to a friend in Pennsylvania, who I knew would know what it was. She immediately said KILL IT! By the time I turned around it was gone. We live in Hicksville, and both my husband and I have never seen it before. We will be checking surrounding trees.

Thanks for the heads up.

Phyllis Viar

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